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BREAKING: Lavender Price Rises

Lavender Essential Oil price is on the rise, supported by price at the source being unstable and coupled with the US Dollar declining against the Euro (-6%). 

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Essential Oils: A Journey Through History


Avid users of essential oils may find it difficult to imagine life without them. Rightfully so! These herbal gifts serve a multitude of purposes. Let's take lavender oil, for example. In history...

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The War on Citrus Greening

What is citrus greening?

Although the name sounds harmless, it is actually quite devastating to the global citrus industry. Simply put, it is a disease that is in most cases fatal to citrus...

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Top 3 Purchasing Tips for Tea Tree Oil

 Not all tea tree oils are created equally. Due to its anti-microbial properties, choosing a tea tree oil that provides the highest quality and purest ingredients is ideal. By following these...

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