Distilleries are helping the hand sanitizer shortage, do you have what you need?

by Lebermuth, on Mar 30, 2020

Who thought we wouldn’t be able to produce enough hand sanitizer?! Many distilleries are stepping in to help utilizing their own equipment for production of hand sanitizer. They can’t be thanked enough for coming together in a time of need.

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Source: Market Watch Mag

With our legacy in distillation, essential oils and ingredients, we wanted to help with some general guidance for those who may need it.  Here are some resources that may help distillers’ efforts producing hand sanitizer and avoiding the alcohol tax via the use of denaturants. 

  • Formula guidance for the manufacture of hand sanitizer: TTB is authorizing the manufacture of hand sanitizer products consistent with World Health Organization (WHO) guidance LINK HERE 
  • US government list of essential oil & terpenes denaturants LINK HERE
  • Recommended denaturant options VIEW MORE EXTENSIVE LIST
    • 93-0138-22 Denaturant Blend
    • 95-5011-05 Denaturant Blend, All Natural 
    • 91-1054-16 Denaturant Blend II, All Natural 
    • 50-4060-01 Alpha Terpineol
    • 50-6015-11 Anise Oil, NF
    • 50-3500-21 Camphor, U.S.P.
    • 50-6085-02 Citronella, Natural
    • 50-4335-01 Ethyl Acetate
    • 50-6107-01 Eucalyptol, N.F.
    • 50-6105-02 Eucalyptus Oil, N.F.
    • 50-6155-04 Lavender Oil, N.F.
    • 50-3510-01 Menthol U.S.P.
    • 50-4566-01 Methyl Salicylate
    • 70-9162-23 Peppermint Oil, N.F.
    • 50-6250-11 Spearmint Oil N.F.
    • 50-3530-01 Thymol, N.F.
  • Offering a comprehensive array of essential oils, natural blends, and phthalate-free fragrances that work well for hand sanitizer products
    • 50-6200-01 Orange Sweet Oil
    • 50-6155-04 Lavender Bulgarian Oil
    • 50-6270-01 Tea Tree Australian Oil
    • 91-1053-57 Herbal Citrus EO Blend 
    • 91-1053-72 Fresh Tea Tree EO Blend 
    • 95-5010-83 Juniper Bergamot EO Blend 
    • 90-2645-01 Rosemary Mint Fragrance
    • 90-3028-16 Citrus Grove Fragrance
    • 93-0129-54 Gin Martini Fragrance
    • 95-5004-22  Mint Mojito Natural Blend
  • Download a more extensive list of essential oils, blends and fragrances and fragrances LINK HERE
  • We will ensure IFRA guidelines are met and you can download your regulatory documents right from our portal LINK HERE

Lebermuth would like to step up as well and support the distilleries who are joining the cause. We are a family owned and operated company that has been in business since 1908 specializing in essential oils, ingredients, fragrances, flavor and distillation. We have an understanding and the knowledge regarding the denaturants, essential oils, and terpenes it takes to scale production safely and economically. We are SQF certified, IFRA complaint and have in-house regulatory and R&D teams.

Thank you again for coming together.



Disclaimer: This list is intended for manufactures that are exempt and can temporarily produce hand sanitizer. The suggested use of these items/ingredients is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or illness.

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