Men's Grooming Trends & Fragrances

by Lebermuth, on Sep 22, 2020

In 2019, global opportunities for men’s grooming products sought to appeal to a more informed eco-conscious consumer, stress convenience, and align with wellness and inclusivity trends. New product developments for men included items within the shaving preparations, razors, deodorants, hair styling, and shower categories with less developments in depilatory (hair removal), face and neck care, shampoo, bar soap, and eye care categories.

However, more innovative product launches emerged in these less developed categories with a fresh focus on appealing to:

  • Convenience and bespoke trends by appealing to busy men with minimal care steps, multiple benefits, effective results, mess-free and portable sticks, lightweight powders, and offer customization for specific grooming needs and wants.
  • More informed eco-conscious consumers by spotlighting sustainability, recycling capabilities, refillable and upcycling concepts, as well as water and plastic reducing formats, and ‘clean beauty’ messaging.
  • Men’s wellness and inclusivity trends by de-stigmatizing mental health issues, offering stress-relieving adaptogens, probiotics, and better targeting the under-represented.

Product development should continue to innovate to fill in the gaps by offering products that meet these points:


Men seek to simplify their grooming routine without compromising results, benefits, and textures. The customization trend created masculine-specific subscription boxes that are focused on supplying grooming essentials through the mail which solves ease of ordering, customization, and convenience.

According to Mintel:

  • 24% of male skincare users would like to adjust their skincare based on their needs each day
  • 21% would like their skincare products to be custom made for them
  • 25% of US men have used a subscription service and among users
  • 57% have signed up because of good value perceptions
  • 52% have signed up because it is convenient.

Popular Subscriptions:

  • Dollar Shave Club offers customizable monthly subscriptions with choice of razor, shaving essentials, shower products, hair care, oral care, skincare, and recently launched deodorant, wipes, and fragrance options.
  •  BirchBox Grooming offers personalized monthly subscriptions based on preferences and needs with trial-size products for hair care, face and body care, beard care, shaving essentials, as well as vitamins, razors, and fragrances.
  • Harry's offers a customizable monthly subscription similar to Dollar Shave Club’s. Harry’s products focus on shaving essentials, face care, shower products, hair care, as well as accessories like a toiletry and and razor stand.

An appeal to social media fans with ‘instant filter-effect’ trend also has surfaced product innovation targeted to provide “real life digital filter effect” with Lab Series Skincare’s Instant Filter Moisturizer.

Lab Series

Source: Lab Series Skincare For Men

According to Mintel, 31% of older Gen Z BPC users are informed about BPC products via Instagram.



Concerns around naturalness and sustainability trends may be the most emphasized trend for conscious consumers that includes attention on:

  • Clean Products  54% of male buyers of natural/organic personal care products agree a product appears natural/organic if it is marked as ‘clean’
  • Environmental Sustainability Factors  21% of men in the US agree that environmental sustainability is an important area for companies to support
  • Eco-friendliness 33% of male hair care users agree that natural hair care products are better for the environment.

In the US. during 2019, the BPC (Beauty Personal Care) product launches saw the largest claim growth in the botanical/natural category, while eco-friendly, vegan and organic remain lower and were relatively flat.

That natural men’s grooming space is expected to continue to increase, some product launch highlights are:

  • The Counterman collection promises cleaner, results-driven skincare formulated to address the unique needs of men's skin and facial hair.



Source: Beautycounter



  • Goodfellow & Co taps into naturalness trends by highlighting the use of nature-inspired scents, such as Moroccan Mint & Cedar, and minimalist pack designs to convey simplicity and purity. Source: Target
  • Rebels Refinery taps into natural and eco trends, using 99-100% natural ingredients, being cruelty free and charitable, and telling a story about its beginnings.

rebels refinery

Source: Rebels Refinery


There is a continued renewed focus on physical, emotional and mental wellbeing. Brands focus on multiple benefit products emphasized on mental health, beard care, and inclusivity trends.

Hims, an online men's wellness direct-to-consumer brand that focuses on topics that may be deemed embarrassing, such as hair loss and sexual wellness.


Source: Hims; Instagram/hims

Introduce beard care products that bring extra benefits into play can tap into demands for simpler grooming routines.

beardgrow xlSource: Beard Grow XL

beard paste

Source: Nordstorm 

Beard Grow XL  prevents hair loss and promotes beard hair growth faster and thicker Beard Exfoliating Paste cleanses, nourishes and exfoliates skin underneath beard


Be inclusive and adapt to changing gender norms.

While male-specific grooming products will continue to appeal, there is also a growth segment for changing gender norms that sway from stereotypical masculinity themes in marketing/advertising. There is an opportunity to appeal to an increasingly diverse population.

According to Mintel, 64% of older male iGen users of BPC products either already use or show interest in genderless beauty products.

Product highlights:


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  • 93-0116-94 Basil Sage & Mint II
  • 93-0137-51 Cedarwood Vanilla II
  • 93-0130-58 Cucumber Mint II
  • 91-1040-66 Cedar Saffron
  • 93-0138-41 Cedar Leather
  • 94-4008-23 Bergamot Coriander II
  • 93-0138-19 Abrigo Azul Para Hombre
  • 95-5011-04 Sandy Blue Coast
  • 95-5010-54 Blue Banana
  • 94-4001-50 Cypress & Citron
  • 93-0128-35 Cedar Leather
  • 95-5007-12 Sea Mist
  • 93-0138-51 Magnetic Mint
  • 93-0133-83 Amber & Black Cardamom
  • 93-0133-94 Sea Moss & Aloe Type
  • 94-4009-36 Art Of Shave Sandalwood Type
  • 94-4009-09 Dove Men’s Cool Fresh Type



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We look forward to partnering with you to achieve brand success.


Source: Gesu, R. D. (2019). A year of innovation in men’s grooming, 2019. Mintel.