The Museum of Perfume in the City of Lights

by Lebermuth, on Jun 09, 2017

museum of fragrance

(BPT) - Paris just added a new museum to its list of places to visit in the City of Lights. Perfume lovers can immerse themselves in all things perfume at the newly opened Grand Musée du Parfum on Faubourg Saint-Honoré.

The interactive museum housed in a mansion on one of the most luxurious and fashionable streets in the world was started in 2014. The four-floor museum was completed in August and officially opened its doors to the public this December.

Visitors are treated to a tour that's an immersive experience of the world of fragrance in three stages. It's paradise for the perfume devotees of the world.

The first stage is the "History of Fragrances" section where the focus is on discovering the different virtues and uses of scent from classical times to modern day through stories of legends and historical figures. In this part of the tour, visitors are given the opportunity to experience kyphi, the first ever scent in solid form that was made in Ancient Egypt.

Visitors are then treated to an immersive experience in the "Sensory Immersion" stage. This section offers guests a fresh understanding of the importance of our sense of smell through a series of interactive installations designed to "revive their olfactory sense."

Guests then get to experience what is described as the "combination of art and science" in this stage of the tour. This section has a fragrance garden, projection mapping, olfactory devices, and new technologies for guests to experience up to sixty fragrances.

From history and immersion, the third stage of the museum turns the spotlight on the process of creating a fragrance. "The Perfumer's Art" takes visitors through the lifecycle of a fragrance: initial concept, scientific evaluation, choosing raw materials, and manufacturing the final product.

This stage gives visitors the chance to discover the plethora of raw materials perfumers use and find out which ones are the most common.

Other than learning the history of perfume and immersing in the sensory aspect and finding out the art that goes into fragrance, the Grand Musée du Parfum management will be hosting events, workshops, and temporary exhibitions with anything and everything that involves perfume.

The museum is a must visit for true fans of fragrance.