Rival Skincare Giants Unite to Tackle Climate Crisis

by Publication repost, on Jun 03, 2021


In collaboration with four fellow ‘clean’ skincare brands, UK-based REN Clean Skincare has launched its #WeAreAllies campaign – an industry-first initiative to help tackle the environmental crisis regarding packaging waste. The campaign challenges industry convention by forming a unique alliance between competitor brands with the shared goal of protecting the planet.

Source: Ren #WeAreAllies

Along with Ren, Biossance (US), Caudalie (France), Herbivore (US) and Youth to the People (US) have pledged to only use packaging designed to be recycled, reusable or containing recycled materials by the end of 2025. This commitment hopes to combat the 79% of plastic waste that currently ends up in landfill (National Geographic, 2019). The brands will support each other by encouraging consumers to shop across their product ranges and promote their sustainability efforts. The campaign also aims to prompt other brands to participate in the movement and develop their own pledges to protect the planet.

“Taking action to reduce waste in the beauty industry is a challenge; together we can share ideas and pioneer new solutions to reduce packaging waste while raising awareness and inspiring other brands to join us with their sustainability efforts,” said Arnaud Meysselle, chief executive of REN. “It is the sharing of the knowledge of the collective that has the power to make a real, meaningful and scalable difference.”

Collaboration is key to circularity and new alliances are exciting for circular beauty developments. Progressive partnerships between large beauty brands can make the biggest impact, which will be pivotal in the industry’s push to mainstream circular beauty. As we highlight in The Brief, communicating and sharing resources will enable long-term and regenerative sustainable strategies.

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