Lebermuth received a 100% SQF score on our 2021 Food Safety Audit

by Lebermuth, on Jul 21, 2021

We are proud to have received the highest possible score of 100% for the 2021 SQF audit. This achievement was especially impressive since the audit was the unannounced audit that accredited auditors must perform every three years.

The SQF Food Certification program incorporates an intensive, rigorous, and credible detailed audit of a food manufacturing facility. The inspections are conducted by ASI Food Safety, an accredited SQF auditor. SQF compliant companies must demonstrate their manufacturing facility meets high-quality food standards to minimize hazards and food safety risks. 

We maintain a HACCP-based food safety and quality system with supporting programs and procedures for sanitation, chemical control, personnel training, and transportation programs that provide assurance to you, our customers. 

“This is a fantastic achievement for Lebermuth and required hard work and effort from every member of the team from top to bottom; each and every day. We are proud of our accomplishment and are committed to maintaining an accredited SQF facility” said Robin Haney, Quality Systems Specialist.