Lebermuth's Fragrance Health & Wellness Trend Report

by Lebermuth, on Sep 30, 2019

Health and wellness touch many aspects of an individual’s life and intersects with food and beverages, beauty and personal care, and household and air care product choices and usage.

A focus on naturals with a return to aromatherapy, plant-based ingredients, and CBD-infused consumer packaged goods are three areas of interest consumers seek to meet their ever-changing health and wellness mindset and behavioral shift towards better-for-you products and services.


  • Natural
  • Plant-Based
  • CBD-infused

The Lebermuth Company’s Fragrance Health & Wellness Trend Report highlights fragrance products within these three focus areas, including Air Care, Beauty, Home Cleaning, CBD/Hemp, and Aromatherapy, while also providing an overview of sales numbers and consumer statistics.


  • 73% use “natural” and “organic” products because they contain no harmful ingredients.
  • 43% of North American consumers are most likely to try cannabis infused cosmetics and skincare.

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Fragrance Health & Wellness Trend Report